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Latest Harrow reviews & Special Offers

1 Day Ago

Express Cleaning

Carpets are fresh, look like new and smell great. They clean carpets the old fashioned way, getting to the root of the carpet. Their cleaning process last twice as long as the conventional steamers but, the results are like night and day.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

2 Days Ago

Hundred Degrees Uk Ltd

Have been to this restaurant several times and have always left really satisfied (albeit quite full up). The food is consistently excellent and the staff are professional and attentive, without being in your face. Will always recommend. Try Fish Tikka.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

7 Days Ago

The Mumbai Junction

Great food. Very friendly staff and brilliant service. Good atmosphere and would definitely recommend.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

9 Days Ago

Harrow Cleaners

Found these guys online and have been using their service for quite a while.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

20 Days Ago

Harrow Cleaners

Great service! I am really pleased with Harrow Cleaners and will book only them from now on. This is the first time when I received a great attention from the customer service, professional cleaning from the cleaners and paid a reasonable price. Thank you!

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

23 Days Ago

Cottage Fields

Special Offer

Valid until: 01/10/2014

24 Days Ago

Harrow Cleaning Services

I want to share my experience with Harrow Cleaning Services in order to help others in their wandering which cleaning company to use. I am telling you all hire Harrow Cleaning Services with no hesitation! I promise you will be pleased with the service and the price.

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

27 Days Ago

Beauty Salon

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/07/2014

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