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Latest Harrow reviews & Special Offers

7 Days Ago

Harrow Cleaners

Cleaning, unfortunately, is one of those tedious tasks that just seems to take forever. As I had new tenants arriving, I needed the apartment to look clean and tidy for when they moved in, otherwise they’d get a bad first impression and I always believe that first impressions say everything. Harrow Cleaners sent round its legitimate cleaners the same day. They were prompt, hard working and efficient. Now, whenever I need cleaning of any kind, I rely on this fantastic professional company and they never let me down. Thank you once again team for your amazing work. Very impressed indeed!

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

10 Days Ago

Cafe Nem

I used to be a regular at Café Nem, both at the restaurant and for take away, but unfortunately standards have dramatically fallen in recent times. As a vegetarian, I always make sure that my order is made clearly and reconfirm when the food is brought to the table / on collection. For a recent takeaway, I had ordered a vegetarian crispy duck and was disappointed to arrive home to find that I had been given real duck (notwithstanding that I had checked with the waitress when I picked it up). On being informed if their mistake, the restaurant staff were not seem bothered at all and even suggested that I had actually ordered real duck and was to blame for the mistake! I explained that I had confirmed the order with a member of staff on collection, to which the staff member (who was someone different) simply replied, well it was not to me! At this stage I responded by saying I was very disappointed with level of customer service, especially as the rest of my food (which I was assured was correct) was getting cold and the fact that I had to return to the restaurant to correct their mistake. The staff member simply replied by saying they did not have time to argue and placed a full cash refund on the table and walked away! Mistakes happen, but as a vegetarian being served meat is a major one. However, even then I would have been willing to let it pass (luckily I had not eaten anything) if it had been dealt with politely and with consideration. Sadly this was not the case – I will not be returning to the restaurant again.

Review Score: 1 Star Rating

14 Days Ago

Harrow Cleaning Services

Last week, I hired Harrow Cleaning Services for a domestic clean. It was an urgent booking. You see, it was my son’s birthday party and I was having the party at the house. With work, I just didn’t have the time to clean the house myself. So I hired this cleaning company in short notice and requested a full home clean. I thought they’d turn me down but to my surprise, they didn’t. It actually seemed to be no problem at all to them. So I booked with them. They made my home sparkling and spotless! Very pleased with the results!

Review Score: 4 Star Rating

17 Days Ago

Elaine's Complementary Therapies

Special Offer

Valid until: 31/07/2014

23 Days Ago

Drive2Pass School of Motoring

My driving instructor was brilliant! She made me feel 100% comfortable in the car, she was always prepared to answer any question I had especially in the lead up to my test. I am very happy with the service I received and I am not a very confident driver.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

28 Days Ago

Coordinated Ltd

Special Offer

Valid until: 01/06/2016

38 Days Ago

Tom Ford

Washing machine wouldn't work late on Friday, Fixed by 8 a.m on Monday!!! Great customer service…… prompt, honest and competent… what more could you ask for? Couldn't ask for a better service!

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

44 Days Ago

Prince of Persia

I highly recommend dish 23, koobideh.

Review Score: 5 Star Rating

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