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Special Offer:   Carpet Cleaning

CARPET CLEANING MAKE YOUR CARPET LOOK NEW AGAIN Residential & Commercial 100% safe & toxic / Furniture cleaning. Using the best cleaning system , deep clean , deodorise & condition your fabrics REASONABLE RATES , FOR FREE ESTIMATES TEL: 07775931759

Added by Carpet Cleaning on 19/01/2015

Review: Tom Ford

I really recommend this company for washing machine repairs. I found them on Google on a Monday and arranged a repair visit on the Wednesday - the company is in Ruislip but they came to us in West Hampstead. The guy I spoke to on the phone was very friendly and didn't rush to get me off the phone, unlike a lot of other companies. Darren came to do the service and fixed our washer dryer for the cost of the call out - £30, bargain considering he was at our flat for around 40 minutes. In fact my boyfriend was so impressed he tipped him as he felt it deserved more than the standard call out charge. Excellent service, would definitely use again.

Reviewed by Joanna Betts on 15/01/2015

Review: Royal Mail Group Plc

This morning on Saturday 10/1/15 ,whilst it was pitch dark outside and I and my children were fast asleep, a loud banging awoke me . I later discovered the time was 07.40am. However as it was dark I went straight towards my front door where it was coming from as it would not stop. I went to my door with great hesitation as I did not know who it was and my kids were asleep. My thought process went crazy from thinking it was the police coming to evacuate the property because there may have been a terrorist bomb (probably due to watching the news and what happened in Paris ) to thinking something bad had happened as the last time someone banged on my door with such aggression it was to let me no tht my brother had passed away . As they could not contact me by phone. Anyway back to the incident. When I opened the door it was a Royal Mail delivery man standing with a parcel . Whilst signing for my parcel I asked him tht in future could he not knock on the door like tht as it frightened me and I have kids tht are asleep. To which this ever so rude man replied "I tried ringing the bell but no one answered " I explains to the man the bell was not working to which he replied "well u should put a sign on it. I went on to explain tht if I hadn't answered then what he should have done is put a slip through my letter box so tht I could then pick up the parcel myself as this seemed to be the normal procedure. And he should not be banging my door with his fists as he frightened me and I thought it was the police, to which he replied "do you must be doing something wrong if you thought it was the police " at this point I could not believe the mans audacity and rudeness I actually felt foolish telling him why I had thought it was the police due to his impertinent mannerism. I think I was actually in a state of shock and it felt as though I was the one knocking on his door not the other way around . By this point my 3 year old daughter had woken up and called me to which the post man said "look you woke up the kid" Tht was it , I asked him for his name and tht I will be making a complaint . He refused to give me his name. I still had the machine in my hands tht the customer signs and I started looking on the machine and asking if there was a number to identify him . He then said I will call my manager Mr FitzRoy I asked Mr Fitzroy for the post mans name so tht I could identify to the complaints department who he was. Mr Fitzroy totally ignored my question I asked him again to which the post man sHoutred out "don't tell her my name " I told Mr Fitzroy of the incident to which he replied " I will take your number and call you back at midday . I have not heard anything from him and it felt that he was not really bothered and wanted me off the phone. Hence my writing this review . I hope this does not happen to anyone out there as this postman was extremely aggressive when knocking on my door he knew tht people would be home at that time and deliberately kept banging with his fists until someone opened the door . I also feel had I been a man he probably would have been Very different . As I found him quite intimidating . Very very disappointed with Royal Mail . Staff should be trained properly when dealing with people in their own homes.i had no choice but to out 1 star in order for this review to be seen otherwise it would have been starless. Terrible incident . Tara

Reviewed by Tarah Halila on 10/01/2015

Review: Hundred Degrees Uk Ltd

This was one of the best eating experiences that we had. Service was first class, waiters were attentive and made our occasion feel special. Food was just delicious and I would definetly go back to try dishes that I didn't get to order. Was great value and for those special occasions I recommend it.

Reviewed by Neerja Patel on 05/01/2015

Review: Fillo Pastry Ltd

I want to work .i need jobs now .

Reviewed by Kajal Chitiavan on 01/01/2015


No obligation free design service

Added by Mobalpa on 22/12/2014

Special Offer:   Discount 3Styler

Discount offers available -

Added by Hair Philosophers on 18/12/2014

Special Offer:   Wicked - No Booking Fee

Acclaimed as “the musical of the decade”, Wicked is London’s best selling musical and is based on the Gregory Maguire’s novel Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, which is a parallel novel to L. Frank Baum's classic story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Wizard of Oz film. Taking one to the magical land of Oz, Wicked stages thrilling tale of two young witches whose lives change in face of bizarre events. Telling the “untold” story of Oz and the witches of Oz, Wicked musical is the story of love, hatred, friendship, enmity and ofcourse magic. The two distinctively different witches first meet as sorcery students and become friends but then their peculiar adventures in the Land of Oz gradually set them apart as they both fulfill their destinies in the contrasting roles of Glinda, the Good Witch and Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Added by Theatre Tickets Direct on 05/01/2015